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Founded 2006 in Tucson, AZ. to explore Human/Robot Interactivity
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Ready-2-Play Robotics
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Give a child a toy and they're happy for an hour.
Teach a child how to make their own toys, and they're happy for life!

Don't just learn the Arduino Board, learn the ATMEGA328P chip!
You can find all the Arduino/ATMEGA328 program code on the internet
Here you see how it connects to the chip using a RoboGuts™ circuit board
so you can make smaller 1-day projects.

ATMEGA 328P-PU Chip v. Arduino UNO
UNO PIN #'s differ from actual chip v. RoboGuts™ uses same PIN #'s as chip!

Programming the ATMEGA328P on the RoboGuts from the Arduino UNO board

Lesson 00 - Power IN

Lesson 01: LED ON & OFF

Lesson 2: 3-Color LED ON & OFF, Multi-Colors

Lesson 3: Momentary Switch ON & OFF

Lesson 4: DS18B20 Temperature

Lesson 5: BS-170 FET & Laser Module

Lesson 6: PC Speaker Sounds & Music

Lesson 7: Piezo Speaker Sounds & Music

Lesson 8: Rogue Robotics µMP3

Not much different than turning eight LEDs ON and OFF.

Lesson 9: Parallax Emic2

Lesson 10: SpeakJet chip

Lesson 11: Acceleration Module ADXL335

Lesson 12: Light Dependent Resistor or Photoresistor

Lesson 13: IRR IR Receiver

Lesson 14: Parallax PIR

Lesson 15: IR LED

Lesson 16: SHARP GP2D12 IR Range Finder

Lesson 17: Parallax PING Ultra Sonic Range Finder

Lesson 18: SRF-05 Ultra Sonic Range Finder

Lesson 19: SRF-04 Ultra Sonic Range Finder

Lesson 20: Standard Servo Motor

Lesson 21: Continuous Rotating Servo Motor

Lesson 22: L293D Motor Driver H-Bridge

Lesson 23: EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver

Lesson 24: UNL2003 Stepper Motor Driver

Lesson X0

Lesson X1

Lesson X2

Lesson X3

Lesson X4

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