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Starter Kits


Hobbyist level may only need a RoboGuts™ circuit board for the next project







RoboGuts™ Basic Board

RoboGuts™ plus SpeakJet Chip

RoboGuts™ + PICAXE 28X2 + SpeakJet Chip

$25 ea. + $10 S&H

$50 ea. + $10 S&H

$70 ea. + $10 S&H

Buy 10 @ $23

Buy 10 @ $43

Buy 10 @ $63






Much easier to build up the Phrase-A-Lator code using the Phrase-A-Lator Development Kit










$50 ea. + $10 S&H



Buy 10 @ $30







More advanced users may want to use chips rather than the more expensive modules







PICAXE 08M2 or 14M2 or 20M2 or 20X2



08M2 14M2 20M2 Chip Programmer Module

18M2 Chip Programmer Module

28X2 Chip Programmer Module

Free with RoboGuts™ plus SpeakJet Chip

Free with RoboGuts™ plus SpeakJet Chip

Free with RoboGuts™ plus SpeakJet Chip

$10 ea. + $10 S&H

$10 ea. + $10 S&H

$10 ea. + $10 S&H





or use various PIC chips





Up to 32MHz

Up to 32MHz

Up to 64MHz

08M2 = 12F1840
14M2 = PIC16F1825
20M2 = PIC16F1829
20X2 = PIC16F1829

18M2 = PIC16F1847

28X2 = PIC18F25K22


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