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Ready-2-Play Robotics
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Give a child a toy and they're happy for an hour.
Teach a child how to make their own toys, and they're happy for life!

Combining Lesson Programs into a larger Program as a SubRoutine

Have the class look at the program code for the project and identify the lessons that are used to make up this larger program.

Then see if they can experiment with other lessons to add into the program and have them be operable.

Teacher Notes R Important!
I hope teachers can help contribute and build these notes to be more productive for everyone.
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I am far from perfect!

The idea around these lessons is that starting in elementary school students will all go through the lessons in class, then as they begin to build projects they can switch to teams to pool the knowledge and skills to practice that knowledge and skill that is of their interest.

Learning to work in teams is that next skill level so that as they begin to specialize in the various career paths they know and trust their teammembers to help complete the projects.

Some children will focus better on the electronic devices and circuit design connections, while anothe will focus on electronic device placement and physical connection. Then another student will focus on making better programming code for the device while another student might be focuse on the exterior design of the project to make sure everything is going to fit and function as the project is described. Another student might focust on color schemes and another on starting positions to insure best operations of the projects functions.

Bringing all that teamwork coming together to learn manufacturing their own toys and other projects for other people. Now work has become play making their career paths easier and more fun for life!

HOME . . . . . PICAXE 28X2 module Lessons

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