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Sending Serial Data to an External Device

Here we are sending serial data to the SpeakJet synth chip on the RoboGuts™ circuit board.

A simple setup is the Phrase-A-Lator Development kit as in the image below that makes developing all the programming code needed easier and faster

Phrase-A-Lator Development Kit webpage

With the Phrase-A-Lator Development Kit plugged into the USB port on a PC and the output to powered speakers you can easily open up a .TXT file to save your programmign notes and code to build up speec or a song;

Once you have all the code built up in the .TXT file, it's easy to copy/paste to the PICAXE or other Programming Editor to enter the code into your project program.

Using the phonemes the students can alter current speech and song data to see if they can make the robots better enunciate and pronounce words.

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