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Experiment 26: DS1804 NonVolatile Trimmer Potentiometer


The DS1804 NV trimmer potentiometer is a nonvolatile digital potentiometer that has 100 positions.

The device provides an ideal method for low-cost trimming applications using a CPU or manual control input with minimal external circuitry.

Wiper position of the DS1804 can be stored in EEPROM memory on demand. The device’s wiper position is manipulated by a three-terminal port that provides an increment/ decrement counter controlled interface.

This port consists of the control inputs CS , INC , and U/ D .

The DS1804 is available in three resistor grades, which include a 10k?, 50k?, and 100k?. The device is provided in an industrial temperature grade.

Additionally, the DS1804 will operate from 3V or 5V supplies and is ideal for portable application requirements.