Old Pueblo Engineering Center
Founded 2006 in Tucson, AZ. to explore Human/Robot Interactivity
“Drilling Brains for a New & Better Use of Technology”
Patents Pending


Ready-2-Play Robotics
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Give a child a toy and they're happy for an hour.
Teach a child how to make their own toys, and they're happy for life!

Soldering Class

These are the special cables you need for some of the experiments.

Experiment-00 Powering the RoboGuts™ circuit board

Battery Cable to the RoboGuts™ circuit board

RoboGuts™ circuit board Power Switch

Power Switch Cable for RoboGuts™ circuit board

3-Color LED

3-Color LED Cable



HC-SR04 and SRF05

3pos to 5pos for HC-SR04 or SRF05 Adapter Cable